以潜心法学研究为根本,就是ag真人游戏:法学院的老师们坚持自己的学术理想,以一己之力贡献智识。 曾在ag真人游戏任教的老舍先生这么说过:“日日夜夜操劳在书桌上和小凳之间,笔是枪,把热血洒在纸上,可以自傲的地方只是我的勤苦,小卒心中没有大将的韬略,可是小卒该做的一切,我确实做到了。在我入墓的那一天,我愿有人赠我一块短碑,刻上——文艺界尽责的小卒,睡在这里。”ag真人游戏:法学院的老师,坐得住“冷板凳”,守得住“象牙塔”,愿意做法律界的小卒,奉献于法治的理想和热土中。





ag真人娱乐 沈伟

Letter from the Dean

  Founded in the early 1980s, Shandong University Law School is one of the major law schools in China. Today, our law school advances the understanding of law in China through research, legal education and public services. Our key mission is to empower our students to meet the challenges of the complex, competitive, and ever-changing legal and commercial worlds. 

  Among over 700 law schools in China, our law school has a sizable and diverse faculty, with many preeminent in their fields. Our law school strives to blend a rigorous intellectual environment with a collegial and supportive community. We have a low student-faculty ratio so our students enjoy an unusual amount of individual contact with our faculty members. Our graduates are leaders serving with distinction in the public, private, and academic sectors. The careers of faculty and alumni speak eloquently to the strength of our law school.

  The law school is about to move to Qingdao, a well-known coastal city in China. Our seafront location in Qingdao will provide a spectacular setting in which to live and study. Our law school’s proximity to courts, commerce, and public interest activities enables students to be deeply involved in the practice of law. 

  We are keen to have your support. You are more than welcome to visit us and take a closer look at a law school that produces scholarship in a collegial environment as well as offers a supportive learning community. 

  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to make our law school a better, stronger and more internationalized one not only serving the rule of law in China but also in a more globalized world. 

Shen Wei 

Dean & Professor of Law